10 Best Foods to Fuel Your Workout

Enjoy eggs before and after exercise for protein-packed goodness and essential nutrients.

1. Eggs

After your workout, opt for chicken as it is an excellent source of protein and amino acids that aid in muscle recovery.

2. Chicken

Before a workout, fuel yourself with a mix of carbohydrates and protein.

3. Apples with Nut Butter

After your workout, consume this nutritious food for its high protein content.

4. Quinoa, Sweet Potato and Lettuce

It is a rich source of vitamins that help convert carbohydrates into usable glucose.

5. Tuna Salad

Lentils, a great source of sustained carbohydrate release, serve as an ideal pre-workout option.

6. Lentils

The combination of whole grain toast and a banana provides both types of carbohydrates before your workout.

7. Peanut Butter on Whole Grain Toast

Have a handful of energy-rich nuts like almonds or walnuts after your workout.

8. Nuts and dry fruits

Before your workout, blend seeds and nuts into a smoothie or shake.

9. Nutty/Seed Smoothie

Opt for dark green leafy vegetables after exercise, which provide concentrated nutrition.

10. Green vegetables

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