10 Beautiful Dogs Without Hair

These ancient dogs come in three sizes and are cherished for their calm and affectionate demeanor.


Available in both hairless and powder puff versions, Chinese Cresteds are small, lively, and make wonderful companions.

Chinese Crested

Known for their elegant looks, loyalty, and suitability as family pets, these dogs stand out with their exposed skin.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

A petite variation of the Rat Terrier, these dogs are intelligent, energetic, and great companions.

American Hairless Terrier

Native to Africa, they boast a unique appearance with hair only on their head and feet. Their loyalty and hunting skills are remarkable.

Abyssinian Sand Terrier

Hailing from Ecuador, these dogs are small to medium-sized, friendly, and active, often used for hunting and herding.

Ecuadorian Hairless Dog

This breed offers both haired and hairless options and is known for its loyalty and protective nature, making them ideal family dogs.

Thai Ridgeback

Medium-sized and originating from Mexico, Baja Hairless dogs are known for their friendly and alert temperament.

Baja Hairless

Distinguished by their wrinkled skin, these dogs are frequently used for hunting in Argentina.

Argentine Pila Dog

Though not entirely hairless, Brazilian Terriers have short, smooth coats and are known for their liveliness, making them excellent family pets.

Brazilian Terrier

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